BLAK [April Fools' Game, 2014] «

BLAK [April Fools' Game, 2014]

BLAK is a game we made for 2014 April Fool’s. The player’s task is to tap the screen when it flashes white. The thing is, the screen can stay black for anywhere from 1 second to 1 month, so you’d better keep your finger ready.

Some BLAK player reviews:

„Top notch graphics, gripping storyline, great gameplay. What more do you need? Play this game to discover yourself.”
Cleru, 5/5

„Such a mind expanding game!”
Waleed, 5/5

„You are jesus”
Edoardo, 5/5

„Incredible. This is post-gaming.”


„Simply the best game I’ve ever played in my lifetime!!!! Awesome! Masterpiece!”
Ciru, 5/5

„Wait hours for nothing change job”
Alessandro, 1/5

Field of work: Game design, graphics, sound

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